Resident Stories

Jack Fulkerson

Jack Fulkerson was born in the small town of Rockport Kentucky in 1945. Him and his large family lived in Kentucky until Jack was fourteen when his dad got a new job and they moved to Hammond Indiana. For the first sixteen years of Jack’s career, he was a construction worker. After that, he decided to change his career path and for the next sixteen years, he became the manager of the local credit union in Indiana.

Alice Herman

Alice Herman

Alice Herman, a wonderful 77-year-old Jewish woman was born and raised in The Bronx New York.

She was a high school English teacher for two years in New York. A few years later, she got her masters degree in social work and became a social worker while she was living in California.

Alice experienced life living as a straight, married woman before discovering she was a lesbian. On June 2, 1955, Alice married a man named Sol, whom she had known since she was thirteen years old. They got married in New York and then moved to California a few years later.

Don Foley

Don Foley

Don Foley was born in Northwest Iowa in the year 1930. He grew up with a large family consisting of eight children, four boys and four girls.

Don was a problem child, and was sent to Father Flanagan’s Boys Town in Nebraska from 1941-1943. After Boys Town, Don graduated high school and moved from his hometown in Iowa to sunny Southern California. Don joined the navy in 1948 and was in active duty in San Diego for one year and in reserves for four years after that.

Andi Segal

Andi was born in 1945 and raised in Hollywood. Andi had a good schooling experience. She had a lot of friends and belonged to dance groups. She danced until she was thirteen years old and enjoyed it very much. Andi worked in a factory when she was 17 for about 10 years. Her main occupation, however, was working as a secretary for Park La Brea Apartments. She took care of the residents' issues and concerns. She worked there for twenty years. She loved her job very much. However, in 1994, Andi was in a critical car accident, and was unable to return to work.

Nancy Valverde

Nancy was born on March 6, 1932 in the southern part of New Mexico in a town called Deming. When she was nine years old, her dad brought her to Lincoln Heights, which used to be a Chicano neighborhood. Nancy did not finish school. Ask her to explain her school years...?

Nancy has been working since she was eleven years old, picking apricots in Santa Paula and picking cotton in Tulare County by Bakersfield.

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