Andi Segal

Andi was born in 1945 and raised in Hollywood. Andi had a good schooling experience. She had a lot of friends and belonged to dance groups. She danced until she was thirteen years old and enjoyed it very much. Andi worked in a factory when she was 17 for about 10 years. Her main occupation, however, was working as a secretary for Park La Brea Apartments. She took care of the residents' issues and concerns. She worked there for twenty years. She loved her job very much. However, in 1994, Andi was in a critical car accident, and was unable to return to work.

Due to the accident, Andi now has plates in her foot and arm, she had problems with her trachea, and she had three lacerations in her liver. The accident was caused by a fourteen-year-old boy, who ran a yellow light. Over the years, Andi has learned to forgive the boy since he was only fourteen. She hopes he is still living a happy, healthy life and only hopes for good things to happen to him.

When Andi was fourteen, she met a boyfriend and thought she was in love. At the age of 16 her and her boyfriend at the time, Armando got pregnant and they had a son named Dean. Andi said that her and her son are still close. She also has a thirty-year-old granddaughter who she is close with as well. Even though Andi is lucky to have her son and granddaughter in her life, Dean married a woman who does not accept Andi because she is gay.

Andy-Segal-SCN 0006Andi came out when her son was only four months old; she was seventeen at the time. She started going to gay coffee houses and seeing different girls her age. Still, Andi met her significant other, Barbara Roe, also known as Skid when she was 23 years old and they were together for 36 years. Unfortunately, Barbara passed away at the age of 68 due to emphysema. After her partner passed away, Andi was unable to get her social security or medical because she is gay. Andi and Barbara lived in a mobile home, and sadly, soon after Barbara passed away, their mobile home burned down. One bad thing happened after another, and even though loss is never easy, Andi said she was very lucky to have had those 36 years with Barbara.

Andy-Segal-SCN 0007After Andi's partner passed away, she met a woman, Nancy, who is currently a resident at Triangle Square, and told Andi that she was moving into GLEH and told her about the documentary. Andi had never lived alone, so she was afraid to begin a life at Triangle Square. However, even with the nerves, Andi has been living at Triangle Square for five years and is very happy. She has a dog, Snoopy, who she loves to take on walks, and he keeps her company. Her favorite part about GLEH is all of the activities, classes, and parties that take place.

Andi has a very optimistic view of life. She said that the accomplishment she is most proud of is that she has a wonderful son; she had a wonderful lover, a wonderful job, and a wonderful life. Andi said, "My life is still going on and I'm doing the best I can to accomplish the best of it."


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